Published on:
November 2, 2023

Japanese Straightening Warning

Anyone who believes that they can pay $150 for a Japanese Hair Straightening service should have their head examined. We should know because we are often called upon to examine a client’s hair after being destroyed by discount Japanese Straightening salons.

Now I see on Google, in an act of internet price war desperation, they are advertising ($100 and up, 100% guaranteed!) Japanese Hair Straightening.

The only thing guaranteed is:
A: They fully intend to exercise the (and up) policy.
B: Guaranteed to be a sub-standard experience.
The disturbing high frequency of (sub-standard) Japanese Hair Straightening cases that we see are coming primarily from Korean & Chinese owned and operated salons in Palisades Park NJ, Fort Lee NJ and Flushing Queens area. However, these types of discount operations can be found in various other NY, NJ locations as well and appear to be on the rise.

First of all, of course they are using inferior nameless generic products, direct from China and Korea. Worse than the product, the method of operation is almost laughable if not for the unfortunate nature of clients described experiences. When we compare our examination of the damaged hair with the client explanation of how things were done and further, the duration of specific steps pertaining to the hair type of the client we are consulting, it becomes clear how the damage was arrived at.

The practice of using unqualified assistants who are here on work Visas and rely on oversight by often additionally unqualified personnel also appears to run rampant in these discount operations. Of course these $150 (and more recently) $100 advertised costs are predicated on inferior product and unqualified labor where you will be very politely yessed to death in an assembly-line atmosphere and don’t be surprised when high cost after-care products are recommended for your hair which, is really just another way to offset the low advertised cost for the service and probably desperately needed for helping the client cope with the results of un-qualified workmanship.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate, above described predicament, please feel free to join the large handful of people who we have been helping for years with this growing problem. The reputation of Japanese Straightening which, has already been substantially damaged, is more than ever in danger because of these unqualified discount operations, further enabled by a bad economy. Even the terminology has become convoluted in regard to the various hair straightening services, predominant and current to our industry today. Japanese Straightening is not to be confused with any other service anywhere. It is life changing for women but there is no tolerance for short-cuts, the service has to be done correctly.

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum:  05-28-2004 I talked to a woman and her husband. They came in to ask my opinion about a bad TR that she received in an upscale, NYC salon. They found out about the salon from the CBS channel 2 News. The news story was about how to avoid getting bad TRs. CBS interviewed this NYC salon, which I’m not going to name. The guy who was interviewed was the same guy who did her TR. First the salon told her it would be about $800.00. She and her husband wound up paying by check, $1,000 then the salon called them while they were driving home and said that their receptionist had made a mistake and they don’t accept checks. So, they gave the salon a credit card number over the phone. They were charged an additional $100 for god only knows what, for a grand total of over $1,100. I know, unbelievable! But this is what the couple told me.

Now back to her hair. She will be lucky if she does not wind up with severe breakage. Right now she has a case of the bends and the hair did not even come out straight. She does not have very curly hair and it was virgin hair. She told me that this is exactly what she was hoping to avoid. With all of the credentials that this salon was coming to the table with, I might have even trusted them except for one thing. They use YUKO and as everyone knows, we only use and recommend Liscio.

We were approached by an un-named forum to become a paying advertiser on their web-site with administrative capability, but it was more than we were willing to get involved with. Had we become a paying advertiser, our customers would have been able to post their TR experiences, and we would have to take on the job of addressing technical Q&A on the message board. Since we declined their offer, any posts pertaining to our salons activities, including customers who want to share their TR experience, are immediately deleted. “Make no mistake about it, some message boards are engaged in monopolizing for profit no matter what they tell you”

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