Rob: Owner / Manager / Stylist

I have a life-time of Family Salon Experience, a 25 year practicing cosmetologist, specializing in salon administration including front desk operations. I employ a stringent protocol for the allocation of client scheduling using web-based I.T. Our valued clients have the preferred option of 24-hour, on-line booking that allows unprecedented appointment book transparency, unlike anything found in our industry today and solely for the purpose of customer (Convenience). My day to day contribution to Haircutter in the Meadow is primarily business oriented, taking place largely behind the scenes. The real heart and soul of our business is embodied within the talented staff below.
I am available both on location and remotely from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM – 7 Days

Our team

The amazing team behind Salon

Meet the amazing team behind the salon "Haircutter In The Meadow".



Originally from Japan, Hikaru’s journey into the hair business began at his family owned hair studio in Hokkaido. Like any specialized skill in which the developmental process begins at childhood, Hikaru’s skill level and acute sense for the art of hair is off the charts, as his clients always confirm. If your intention is to locate an industry professional that knows what your hair needs, look no further. His vast experience as a practicing TR technician / active educator for Milbon USA, will get you where you want to go with the added bonus of kind treatment. Hikaru is a gentleman and a consummate professional. Clients gravitate toward his caring attention to detail and calming, intelligent personality for a very comfortable and enjoyable salon experience.



Sachiko (SA) (CHI) (KO), an accomplished hair professional, brings the experience from her time in Tokyo and Paris before settling down in Secaucus. Proficient in Japanese, English, & French, she is dedicated to delivering unmatched customer service to her clients. Immerse yourself in her amazing styling expertise, which define the benchmark for hair stylists. Sachiko surpasses expectations, investing extra time and effort to ensure her clients enjoy the utmost level of satisfaction. With her unique blend of international expertise and multilingual proficiency, she is your gateway to a world of hair care and styling. Join her at her Secaucus location and experience the professional service.



Originally from Korea, Min's expertise in the hair industry began in Japan, where she honed her skills. She also worked in the vibrant city of NYC and currently practices her art in Secaucus, NJ. Min is a multilingual professional, fluent in English, Japanese, and Korean. She excels as a Japanese Straightening technician, utilizing the Liscio system to deliver long-lasting, humidity-resistant, silky straight, and shiny hair that can endure for up to a year. With a background in chemical treatments, she offers thio-based formulations to ensure your hair remains healthy and damage-free. Min also provides digital perm services, guaranteeing soft, bouncy curls that won't dry out your hair, in contrast to traditional perms.



Introducing Monica, a seasoned industry professional with years of experience under her belt. Renowned as a master of the hair craft, her exceptional skills have garnered a loyal clientele. Monica possesses the confidence and expertise to elevate your hair to new heights. With meticulous attention to detail, she guarantees that you'll depart her salon feeling and looking your absolute best. Monica's mastery extends to her exquisite color techniques, ensuring flawless blondes or captivating balayage styles. Regardless of your hair aspirations, Monica is dedicated to your well-being, and her extensive knowledge equips her to guide you toward your desired outcome. Trust Monica to transform your hair dreams into a stunning reality.



Niko's talent is an unstoppable force, surging through Secaucus with incredible momentum. His unique approach to hairstyling, whether for men or women, is a collaborative journey aimed at pinpointing and bringing to life each client's distinct vision. Niko embodies humility and eloquence, demonstrating a deep comprehension of his clients' practical requirements. He is dedicated to ensuring that every individual who entrusts their hair to him is never left unsatisfied. With the artistry of a seasoned professional and the demeanor of a true gentleman, Niko's impact on the hairdressing scene in Secaucus is akin to a powerful and inevitable wave, leaving a lasting impression on all who experience his exceptional skills.



From the very beginning, Shivana possessed an unwavering certainty about her place in the realm of hair. Her journey has been defined by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, which led her to undergo rigorous training in various education programs. This diverse education has endowed her with a comprehensive understanding of the art of hairstyling. What truly sets Shivana apart is her unbridled passion for the craft, exemplified by her mastery of a multitude of color techniques, including foiling, hair painting, and balayage. These skills enable her to fashion bespoke looks that delight her clients. Embark on your hair transformation with Shivana today, and experience the magic of a stylist who has turned her lifelong calling into a captivating reality.

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