Japanese Straightening

In November 2002, our Japanese hair straightening treatments premiered in New York City through the WB channel 11 News. This hair treatment is performed only by our experienced and specially gifted thermal reconditioning technicians. We only use trusted products to give our clients the best hair treatment results.​

​We cannot express enough how important it is that the service be performed properly by experienced and specially-trained TR technicians with at least a few hundred TR services behind them. Our technicians have the experience, training, and proper products to exceed your expectations with every Japanese hair straightening treatment.

It is easy to get off on the wrong track of thinking in regards to permanent hair straightening. These services are the first significant beauty breakthrough for the hair since permanent hair coloring. In addition to Japanese Straightening we offer Brazilian Straightening for logistical reasons pertaining to the client's request or needs and because our Brazilian Keratin product is free of industrially manufactured formaldehyde.


Japanese Straightening works best on non-damaged hair and nothing short of a miracle on all hair types, in terms of shine, silkiness, manageability and most appreciated is that the hair becomes non-humidity sensitive and remains straight and non-frizzy, regardless of high or low humidity.


​ We conduct a preliminary consultation using a direct line of questioning on the phone to begin the process of determining TR candidacy. Previous in person consultations are unnecessary except in some unusual cases, which can be determined on the phone. Ultimately the appointment date will serve as an in person consultation, finalizing the process of consultation. ​


We recognize Liscio to be, not only a superior product but the only product and procedure that we would use or recommend for this service and the results that our TR technicians produce for your hair is a value that our clients have been taking all the way to the bank since 1998.


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